Our Philosophy on Nutrition

Healthy bodies fuel healthy minds and at Galaxy Ranch Private School we take great pride in our carefully crafted menu. We serve fresh fruits and seasonal vegetables, using organics whenever possible. Our kitchen uses coconut or olive oil and real butter, avoiding trans-fats. You will never see a chicken nugget or a fish stick in our building – we use whole pieces of chicken or fish in an effort to reduce to amount of processed foods our children are consuming. We encourage low sugar/low preservative snacks at parties and special occasions. We serve purified (reverse osmosis) water at all snack and meal times. We believe teaching children to adopt healthy eating habits early will provide them a life-long benefit.

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Family Style Meals
At Galaxy Ranch Private School, we have a family style meal each day, reminiscent of those family dinners where we sat around the table sharing news of your day and listening to mom and dad, brother and sister, talk about their day. We enjoyed laughter, learning about one another, and sharing our experiences. Children sit with their teacher and classmates and learn how to serve themselves, the give and take of conversation, and the use of table manners. An additional benefit of this shared time – research shows children who serve themselves from a variety of offered dishes are 25 % less likely to battle childhood obesity.