We as educators, and you as parents, both want to give our children the best possible start in life. We want them to grow into happy, productive human beings, to realize their full potential, to be capable of love, of work, and of responsibility.

At Galaxy Ranch Private School in Rockwall, TX, we realize that we are in charge of the environments and settings in which our children discover and develop. We know that a child’s experience is their learning process. Jean Piaget stated unequivocally: “Every time we teach a child something, we keep him from inventing it himself… That which we allow him to discover by himself… will remain with him.”

Discover is the key word used by Piaget. As children explore and discover their world and how it works, they learn. Children have a natural thirst for knowledge and growth. It is our responsibility to share information with them, to help them explore and discover what this world and its relationships are all about.

Galaxy Ranch Private School in Rockwall, Texas is Child-Centered. Child-Centeredness means being completely in tune with each and every child, knowing him or her from the inside-out. It is focusing on the child and attending to his or her needs. It is recognizing that no one child is like another. It is being a careful observer of the child, knowing where he or she is in his or her development at any given time and helping the child progress, explore, and discover.

We are not concerned with the end product – of an art project or activity. We know that it is the process that teaches the child, not the end product. In learning to read, we know children must go through many complex developmental stages before they will be physically ready to master and retain the skills that literacy demands. Children need to have experiences before they can attach words to their experiences. They need to have experiences with things and people as they develop. Children need to experience the glue, the scissors, the paper, the sand, the mud, the water, the air, the flowers, the insects, smells, tastes, sounds, sights, hard things, soft things, smooth things, rough things, walking, running, hopping, jumping, and skipping. They need experiences with other children, with adults, with grandparents, and with animals. They then will be able to use language with these experiences – to ask questions, to discuss, to talk, to point, to laugh, and to learn.

We know that earliest or fastest does not equate to best. We must take the time and honor the responsibility to encourage all sides of a child’s development. It is through this patience, encouragement, and discovery that we will foster a lifetime of excellence in our children.

Galaxy Ranch Private School in Rockwall, TX is a school of Discovery. From our toddlers to our schoolers, our philosophy is the same – children learn how to live and how to be by the experiences they have and the discoveries they make. Our private school provides the opportunities for children to experience and discover – physically (about themselves and their bodies), socially (about other people and how to live and relate to them), and emotionally (about their feelings and the feelings of others).

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